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Fast and proper response to flooding is important to prevent extensive mold damage.

Fast and proper response to flooding is important to prevent extensive mold damage. Call Alliance Environmental Services for water damage restoration and mold removal and remediation.

Your health could be at risk today due to potentially dangerous substances in your home and office. Asbestos, mold, pest feces and urine and even toxic chemicals are often found in aged construction and building materials causing a sick building.

In the event of a disaster, you want a company that is a licensed contractor with complete environmental certifications to deal with any asbestos, mold, lead and chemical issues that may arise.

Alliance Environmental Services, Inc. has the expertise and licensing to complete a full scope investigation for suspected contaminants followed by any necessary abatement services. We are a State of California Certified Asbestos Consultant, State of Utah, Certified Asbestos Inspector, and IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Company.

We are the only source you need for investigation, testing, remediation, and disposal. We use premier state of the art detection  methods for all investigative work, and strictly adhere to proven best practices and safety standards every step of the project.

Some of our Environmental and Remediation Services:

  • Air quality surveys
  • Inspection, assessment and professional planning assistance
  • Sampling, testing and laboratory analytical service with a certified lab
  • Asbestos remediation and abatement: DOSH #1090
  • Lead paint certified
  • Mold and fungi treatment and fogging service
  • Mold investigation and remediation design
  • Leakage and moisture intrusion detection
  • Disaster cleanup services (flood, fire, smoke, and chemical)
  • Rodent, bird, bat and insect feces and urine cleanup